Introduction to the Park

Tongji Industrial Park is located on the banks of the beautiful Qinhuai River, close to Dongshuiguan Ruins Park. The park is divided into two parks: south and north. the north is located at 458 longpan middle road and the south is located at 526 longpan middle road. it is built by using the old factories of Nanjing rubber and plastic machinery factory and Nanjing rubber no 3 factory, with a total construction area of about 24000m. In 2007, it was the second batch of key urban industrial parks in Nanjing.

The park is connected to Wuding Gate in the south, Dongshuiguan Park in the north, Qinhuai River in the west, and the fast inner ring road in the east. It is accessible in all directions and has convenient transportation. In recent years, many times to upgrade the park environment, ecological garden-style office environment, is committed to creating"Green River, Urban Core, Innovation and Integration"The 3H Park.