Screw use safety needs to know

Release Time:2023-12-15 13:48


Safety Precautions:

Operation, repair and maintenance of the compressor must be carried out by qualified personnel.

2. The compressor cannot be reversed. After the initial start-up or overhaul of the electronic control system, it is necessary to confirm whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the specified steering before the compressor is started.

3. When removing high-temperature components, the temperature must be cooled to the ambient temperature before it can be carried out.

4. It is recommended to use special oil for screw compressor. Different grades of lubricating oil are not allowed to be mixed.

Without the permission of the manufacturer, do not make any changes or increase any devices that affect the safety and reliability of the compressor.

6. The original spare parts of the compressor are specially designed and manufactured. It is recommended to use authentic spare parts to ensure the reliability and safety of the compressor.

7. It is absolutely not allowed to block the compressor suction port during operation.

Unless it has been noted that it can be used for breathing, it is absolutely not allowed to use compressed air for breathing.

9, can not exceed the specified pressure, the specified temperature of the operation of the compressor.

10. Once the compressor is found to be abnormal, stop the compressor immediately and eliminate the abnormality in time.

11. Use the correct tools to maintain and repair the compressor.

12. After maintenance and before starting up, confirm that all safety devices have been reinstalled and the tools have been removed from the compressor.