Attention should be paid to the shutdown of the twin-screw extruder.

Release Time:2023-10-27 18:04


1. Normal parking

(1), the feeder screw speed to zero, press the feeder stop button.

(2) Close the vacuum pipeline valve.

(3), gradually reduce the host screw speed, at low speed to exhaust the residual material in the cylinder. (For heat-sensitive materials that are easily decomposed by heat, polyolefin materials shall be used to clean the main engine before parking.) After the materials are basically discharged, adjust the screw speed to zero, press the main motor stop button, and at the same time close the valve beside the vacuum chamber and open the vacuum chamber cover.

(4) Press the stop button of the main motor cooling fan, oil pump, vacuum pump and water pump in turn and the heating power switch of each section on the electric cabinet.

(5) Shut down the pelletizer and other equipment.

(6) Clean the die surface of the machine head and the remaining materials in the machine head. Clean the entire unit and production site to keep the site clean.

2. Emergency stop

In case of emergency need to stop the host, can quickly press the electric control cabinet red emergency stop button. And turn the speed control knobs of the main machine, feeder and pelletizer back to zero position, and then cut off the main power switch. Only after the applause is eliminated can the car be driven again according to the normal driving procedure.